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The Doctors of Whole Family Chiropractic fully acknowledge and respect the relationship between fuel and performance.

Dr. Jessica and Dr. Ryan advocate a variety of different foods, fluids and fueling strategies to help their patients achieve their goals; whether it is reducing inflammation to overcome an injury faster, optimizing athletic performance for a particular sport, or even preparing an expectant mother for the demanding nutritional needs that come from delivery and nursing. They understand that your body depends on proper nourishment and detoxification along with ideal spinal alignment to reach its optimum potential.


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There is more information, technology, exercise clubs, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, no sugar, low-fat foods, fat-free foods, low-cal drinks available today than ever before, and yet as a nation, our families are struggling with higher and higher rates of sickness, disease, food allergies, missed school days, poor sleep, irritability, behavioral problems, nutritional deficiencies, food toxicities and fatigue. This discrepancy and the sad conclusion that more and more people are digging their grave rapidly with their teeth is what motivates the Doctors to demonstrate, educate, and teach their patients how to use the Whole Family Chiropractic concept of “Functional Fueling” so they can Eat to Live, instead of living to eat.

The content herein will be centered around the four major components of nutrition as discussed many times by our doctors when helping patients. They are Food, Supplements, Fluids, and Timing. Whether you are an athlete, stay-at-home parent, student, laborer or business person and whether you are young, old, small, big, or in-between, this page is a resource for you. It is a reflection of the training and expertise that Dr. Ryan and Dr. Jessica have in the field and consists of the cutting edge research, helpful tips, links, and videos, and simple kitchen and lunch box hacks that are easy to apply regularly and will help you and your family achieve the strength, energy, vitality, body, and healing that you deserve.

Our doctors and team invite you, your friends and the families in our community to discover below how you aren’t just “what you eat”, but how you are “what you absorb, assimilate, and don’t eliminate”. Just as a racecar cannot function without gasoline the body cannot function, repair, heal, and operate the way it was designed without appropriate nourishment.

“Bless the food before us, the family beside us and the love between us”

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