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Dr. Jessica Dachowski, DC, DICCP

Have you ever wondered how and why certain chiropractors treat newborn children?

After all, the child is not complaining about back pain or headaches, so why would they need their little spine checked? In many cases, we have concluded that even though an adjustment performed by a pediatric chiropractic specialist is not the first thing that every parent thinks about after the birth of their child, there are some compelling reasons to make the case that it probably should be.


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At Whole Family Chiropractic, we recognize that the way a child’s spine develops in their first year of life can be a significant determining factor in the level of overall health and wellness that they reach for the rest of their life. The reason is relatively simple in that the health of an individual’s structure will determine their ability to function. Whether speaking about the health and vitality of an adult or a child, any deviation of the spine from a normal healthy position will contribute to dysfunction and disease in the body due to the impact on the nerves and spinal cord that the spine protects like a suit of armor.
Physical traumas are the primary causes of spinal changes leading to a weakened body and health of a newborn, and as a matter of fact, the process of being born is often the very first trauma that we may experience in life. Many times a traumatic birth involves the spine being injured during or shortly after the delivery process which can then result in nervous system damage or interference, as well as soft tissue tears or joint misalignments leading to functional limitations. Birth injuries resulting from a prolonged delivery, a Caesarian section or a delivery that required forceps or vacuum extraction procedures, in-utero constraint, an unusual presentation of the baby, and many more can cause an individual segment of the spine or a region to shift from its normal healthy alignment. This ‘shift’ in the spine is called a Subluxation, and it can happen immediately before, during, or after birth.
In our office, Dr. Jessica Dachowski is available to consult with concerned families about how advanced pediatric chiropractic care can assist in the recovery of a birth trauma incurred by mother, baby, or both. She is uniquely trained and certified as Alaska’s only board-certified Diplomate in Pediatrics and Pregnancy and has the knowledge and expertise to treat patients suffering from these conditions while achieving phenomenal results. She knows and understands firsthand that issues such as colic, bedwetting, inability to latch, constipation, vomiting and spitting up, and a variety of other symptoms that an infant may present with can be related to subluxations resulting from the birth process. She can carefully evaluate the spine of your child to determine any issues of abnormal alignment leading to health problems, and then provide a simple solution by correcting these misalignments with gentle, advanced chiropractic pediatric methods so that the need for medications and surgeries can be avoided or reduced altogether.
If you and your baby have endured a traumatic birth or wish to reduce the possibility of experiencing one, then being evaluated by our pediatric chiropractic specialist to determine whether you and your newborn are candidates for care is a great place to start. After all, one of the most cherished gifts any parent can give their child is a gift of health, feel free to reach out and receive the help you need.

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