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Dr. Ryan Dachowski – CBP® Certified

At Whole Family Chiropractic, we know that neck pain can vary from a seemingly small and frustrating annoyance or inconvenience, to a debilitating life-altering condition.

In our office we have helped people who have had their pain localized at the base of their skull, or involve the whole neck and even radiate into their shoulders and upper extremities. It has been described by our patents as everything from a dull, sore, and tense feeling to a sharp and shooting sensation that takes their breath away. If you are experiencing any one of these, we understand that the pain and discomfort in the neck can make you hesitant to even reach for a cup in a cabinet, or can be intense enough that you have to hold your head just to get out of bed. Neck pain as a whole can even affect your relationships by changing your mood and leaving you to feel frustrated and irritable while distracting you at work and when trying to spend time with your family.


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At Whole Family Chiropractic, we know that neck pain can vary from a seemingly small and frustrating annoyance or inconvenience, to a debilitating life-altering condition.

In our office, we have found that the most dangerous words when it comes to back pain are truly, “I Think It Will Go Away”. More often that not, too many people let a weakness in their spine, posture, or body progress to needless suffering and a debilitating collapse. It frustrates them as it affects their quality of life in the ways of damaged relationships, lost productivity, depression, frustration, being confined to their bed and even developing a dependency on dangerous medications or risky surgeries. Others have had their pain come on suddenly like after hearing a “pop” in the gym while deadlifting and other sports-related injuries, or after a motor vehicle collision, and even when falling off a ladder while working outside or being ejected from a snow machine after misjudging the terrain.

Some people unaware of a better solution, may have tried pain pills, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatories even sneaking extra ones on “bad days” to attempt “take the edge off” while inadvertently fueling a concerning and growing epidemic of pharmaceutical abuse in this country today. Others may have had surgery in hopes of getting help but now are stuck paying off the portion not covered by their insurance carrier leading to more stress and longer recovery. In the end, the people in both circumstances still find themselves in pain and frustration because they were actually not deficient in medications and were not good candidates after all to get cut. In addition, physical therapy, acupuncture, cortisone, new pillows, a different mattress and special cushions or machines from a late night infomercial were unable to even take the edge off in the least.

The physical and emotional toll of chronic unrelenting back pain not only affects you, but it is silently affecting your loved ones, your friends, your family, and your career. At Whole Family Chiropractic, we know that back pain can have serious detrimental effects on adults and kids. We also understand that the major contributing factors to the development of pain are thoughts, traumas, and toxins. Over the past few years, the top reasons that patients acquired pain in their low back area were related to: Auto Accidents, Sports Injuries, Sitting at a desk for prolonged periods, lifting heavy boxes (like the ones at Costco), driving too many miles, falls, playing with kids, overdoing it at the gym, work-related injuries, and poor postural habits.

All of these triggers of back pain have one thing in common – the spine, and the small and delicate nerves that branch out from it. When you experience a trauma that shifts the spine even a millimeter or two out of alignment, relentless pain and discomfort are the most common result. Our advanced trained chiropractic team has successfully helped thousands find relief from their pain by specifically realigning the spine gradually and systematically through what is called “CBP Corrective Chiropractic Care” – a highly-specialized and research-based technique that only a handful of chiropractors throughout the world practice. And guess what – our office is part of that handful.

Through non-invasive and painless corrective chiropractic care, our Whole Family Chiropractic Team will help you to get your spinal misalignments corrected, take pressure off of your delicate nerves, and allow your back, spine, posture and body to heal.

The results are often nothing less than phenomenal and life-changing.
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