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Dr. Ryan Dachowski – CBP® Certified

What is your most important asset? This question literally changed my life.

I was made aware very early on, that my most important asset is my Health. Unfortunately, I really didn’t know what it meant to be healthy. I was under the assumption that just because I ‘looked good’ and ‘felt good’, I must therefore be healthy. In one moment I realized that my assumption could not have been further from the truth.

I was a decorated athlete in many sports. One day during a routine practice and a routine play, the unthinkable occurred; I suffered an injury. I couldn’t function due to the searing pain that suddenly took control of my body and my life. I was assisted off of the field, and left to think about all of the uncertainties that soon flooded my mind.

Simple everyday activities were now uphill challenges that I had to mentally prepare for and physically guard against. After seeing numerous trainers, physical therapists, medical doctors, and sports doctors, I soon realized that none of them could pinpoint the exact cause of my pain; instead they offered me “pills” as a way to mask my symptoms.

Every image of what I wanted to be – and what I thought I could be – was slipping through my fingers. I was at a point that I felt I could no longer reach my life’s potential.

The day I met my chiropractor changed everything.



My chiropractor informed me that despite what I thought, I was unhealthy due to misalignments in my spine. The x-rays demonstrated that my spine had been damaged – much like a pile of kindling waiting for a match – moments away from incurring more injuries. The misalignments in my spine were putting extensive and dangerous tension on the delicate nerves flowing out of my spinal cord. Nerve interference was not only responsible for pain and discomfort but a host of other health problems.

My body wasn’t functioning at its potential; my injury had nothing to do with the way I looked, how old I was, or how strong I felt. It had everything to do with the loss of function brought on by spinal misalignments.

My chiropractor and I worked on correcting my spine, which gave my body the opportunity to heal and function at its full potential by fixing the source of the problem. From that point forward, I was empowered to take care of my health, because I finally knew what it meant to be healthy. I also found my calling and purpose in life. I had learned the truth about what it takes to regain one’s health and live a truly healthy life, and knew it was my responsibility to share it with millions of people out there.

Every day I am blessed to live my passion as a chiropractor and extend help to those who need it the most. I am privileged to be able to encourage others to achieve their absolute best, by never settling for a lifetime of underperformance in any aspect of their lives.

This is just my story. I look forward to helping you to live yours.

Real Patient Testimonials

Read these real stories from Dr. Ryan’s patients.

Before receiving corrective care, I had a pretty consistent pounding headache since I was in junior high that has now completely gone away! I'm also so grateful for Dr. Jessica's ability to take care of our baby's health through pregnancy and beyond. Thank you Whole Family Chiropractic!

Kelly Preston
October, 2017

It's nice getting treated for the poor posture that I created over the years. Dr. Ryan and Dr. Jessica are both very knowledgeable in their trade. They've helped myself as well as my wife and our son in regards to back problems and other health issues that I never knew were associated with posture.

Robert Gillespie
October, 2017

I have been going for a few months and love going but the last 2 weeks have just sealed the deal for me. Both my son and I reinjured ourselves, on separate occasions, and Dr. Ryan and the staff went above and beyond to make sure we were well taken care of. This family will always choose Whole Family!

Sharon Trischler
October, 2017

I am absolutely in love with this practice! I was in a car accident and Dr. Ryan saw me and my 2 daughters on a Friday night right before closing time. He and his staff stayed to make sure we got the proper help we needed that night! I am very grateful for their services! Thank you Whole Family!

Valerie Tutaan
August, 2017

Whole Family Chiropractic is the best care we've ever had! Without Dr. Ryan, my husband and I would not be where we are today. The entire team is amazing and extremely caring! We highly recommend everyone to come here and at least try it out. Very family friendly! Thank you, guys!

Valerie Lawrey
February, 2018

I absolutely love Dr. Ryan, Dr. Jessica, and their amazing staff. They have become like family and are so wonderful to me and mine. They care for my entire family and Luke, my son, has been going to them since he was 6 months old. They are so great and I would recommend them to anyone.

Sheryl Gillespie
October, 2017

I was cutting my daughter's hair and realized she could not stand up straight. I got her in with Dr. Ryan and was listened to, and was able to have a clear conversation about exactly what was going on with her back. It turned out that she had posture distortion that could have turned into scoliosis! Thank you!

Rachel Davis
June, 2017

I have always and will always love Whole Family Chiropractic. The doctors and staff are professional, loving, and very much my extended family. They've taken care of my whole family through pregnancies & injuries and day to day care. I trust Dr. Ryan and Dr. Jessica with everyone I love.

Karaina Magana
October, 2017

Dr. Ryan and all of his staff are TOP NOTCH! They are passionate about the health of their patients and always make every effort to make each visit a step in the right direction towards good health. Dr Ryan has set me back on a course of lifting without pain and pulling the big numbers that I want to see!!!

Ryan Baker
March, 2017

WFC has changed my life. Dr. Ryan has helped tremendously with headaches, pain, and stiffness, stomach aches, car accident injuries as well as seizures! Dr. Jessica is an inspiration, empowers and motivates you to keep on the road to a healthy life, her work on children is phenomenal. I love this practice!

Susan Hannula
January, 2017

Dr. Ryan and Dr. Jessica are more than just extremely knowledgeable, they actually care about their patient's futures. Since going to WFC, my overall health has improved more than I could have imagined. This is the only place I will go anymore because there is no better chiropractic care in town!

Jen Motyka
April, 2016

Easily the best Chiropractic experience I have had. They are invested in healing the body and don't just mask the problems with temporary fixes. Dr Ryan fixed my issues with swollen joints and horrible back and hip pain. My energy is boosted and my health is better overall. Thank you!

LeeAnna Chronister
March, 2016

Whole Family genuinely wants to know how your health and well-being is doing each time you come in for a visit. Dr. Ryan is my health and fitness guru! Their healthy lifestyle is most admirable, indeed! Go see them for a more flexible body and a positive attitude! Seriously, they totally rock!

Amber Johnson
April, 2014

I started Chiro with Dr. Ryan after a car accident as a total skeptic. Thinking, "Oh yeah, straighten your spine." totally not realizing how much my visits would address LONG standing issues in my health. From normalizing my periods to completely getting rid of chronic migraines. Thank you, Dr. Ryan!

Talena Wilson
April, 2016

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