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Always Tired?
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Going to bed tired and then waking up tired is a typical daily experience for millions of Americans. 

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Always Tired?
Find Relief.

Going to bed tired and then waking up tired is a typical daily experience for millions of Americans. 

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After hitting the snooze button on multiple occasions, people stumble through their morning in a constant state of exhaustion layered with irritability and then drag through the afternoon with an unavoidable lack of focus while they desperately cling to moments of caffeine-induced alertness, until the effect subsides and they crash into bed, only to repeat the process all over again the next day.

The desire to go on vacations, play with kids, enjoy a ball game with friends, take the promotion, meet up for the weekend shopping date, and make the extra time for an intimate moment with a spouse or loved one is sacrificed because you are plagued by the phrase “I just don’t have the energy”, and worse yet – you don’t know where you are going to get it. The only comforts enjoyed are those spent scrolling a social media feed or watching the latest Netflix series because they require the least amount of your effort. Soon enough the dishes pile up, the laundry is not getting done, you become less productive at work, and the kids are bored and at risk of being ignored altogether.

Does this sound like a similar experience? You are plagued by distraction, exhaustion, unexplainable brain fog, and the lack of motivation that accompanies it. You find that life occurs in the timeframe that begins from the end of your last energy drink to the start of the next one. This lifestyle amplifies the problem by increasing your risk of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and addiction – which contribute to even more fatigue in the long run. Soon enough the never-ending fatigue makes your body ache, reduces your appetite, weakness your muscles and begins to impact your workouts when you can even make it to the gym, interrupts your digestion and prevents it from working right, and leads to headaches and trouble remembering the things that used to come easy for you. Eventually, you chalk it up to just ‘getting older,’ not eating enough, a bad mattress, the new medication you are on, your genetics, being a parent, the holidays, dehydration, or the amount of work or studying that you have been doing lately.

Chronic fatigue should not be taken lightly and affects women nearly four times the rate of men. In addition, the CDC, or Centers for Disease and Control, states that it is more common than certain autoimmune diseases and cancers. It can exist as everything from a frustrating annoyance to a debilitating condition that can hijack your health and happiness. The current epidemic of exhaustion and sleeplessness in society has a variety of causes. The most significant reasons involve five categories; Stress, Toxins, Malnourishment, Inactivity/ Overactivity, and Spinal Subluxations. The “get-more-done” mentality and its association with less than optimal lifestyle choices can create conditions in the body that rob you of the energy you deserve to live the life you want. These conditions include the resulting hormone imbalances, malfunctions in the power plants of your cells – the mitochondria, food sensitivities, posture distortions, and nerve stress that cause energy levels to drop like the anchor of a ship. The bottom line is that even though chronic fatigue is common, it is not normal. Once you can discover the exact cause of the problem, then steady, sustainable energy levels actually can become achievable.

In our clinic, we understand that the life energy source of your body is your nervous system, which is responsible for facilitating millions of daily functions including digestion, respiration, movement of the limbs, hormone balance, heartbeat, and even the health of your vital organs. Unfortunately, accidents, falls, traumas, poor posture, injuries, and even birth trauma shifts the spine out of alignment, putting unnecessary and even dangerous amounts of pressure on the delicate nerves in the neck and back. Nerve interference has been shown to reduce the nerve flow from reaching your organs, leading to fatigue, pain, organ dysfunction, and eventually disease. The most common cause of pain and fatigue is many times a misalignment in your spine or an unhealthy structural deviation.

At Whole Family Chiropractic, we utilize the most scientific and researched corrective chiropractic care technique – Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP), to help patients to eliminate nerve interference by realigning the spine back to its proper shape. The majority of patients under our CBP protocols of care not only frequently report an end to their neck or back pain, but more importantly, feel more vibrant, more energized, and notice their overall health improving each day. In addition, a problem like fatigue typically takes a multi-factorial approach to achieve a solution. At Whole Family Chiropractic, our certified CBP structural rehabilitation-based doctors are also trained in using Metagenics First Line Therapy nutritional strategies to help pinpoint the underlying problems that create your fatigue whether it is mostly a bio-structural, or biochemical cause, or both. Essentially, we know that no one should ever feel that he or she have to settle with continually feeling less than what they are made for.

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Chiropractic BioPhysics®

Why Corrective Chiropractic Works Better

Unlike regular chiropractic that mainly focuses on immediate pain relief, Chiropractic BioPhysics® goes one step further to also correct the source of the problem. That’s why most patients under our care not only report relief from pain and discomfort but as their posture begins to align, they notice other conditions clearing up as well.

  • Back Pain Relief
  • Posture Correction
  • Neck Pain Relief
  • Migraine / Headache Relief
  • Fatigue / Fibromyalgia Relief
  • Acid Reflux / GERD
  • Allergies / Immune System
  • High Blood Pressure




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