When you think of the word ‘fun’, what comes to mind? Is it experiencing the lights that dazzle while the music shakes you to your core at your favorite club? The exhilaration of the climb and the rush of the cold mountain air in your lungs at the summit of your favorite hike? feeling the
electricity and the excitement of watching your team win the game on the final play while 60,000 other people are cheering for them with you? the salty sea wind in your hair and the sun at your back while running through the waves with the kids? or the tranquility of peace and quiet with your favorite book by the fireplace?.. Or maybe, something even better!

Now, think about what you absolutely need to have that fun. Maybe you require tickets, a new wardrobe with expensive boots, maybe a new book. But there is something even more significant than the obvious and it’s not the time off from work to enjoy the travel or the money to purchase the tickets. When you consider that on the most foundational level, what you need to enjoy anything fun at all or even plan the ability to create memories from dreams, desires, and moments in your life is actually the most important aspect of your life, and that is your health.

The equation is simple: No health – no life and Abundant health – Abundant life. Now, this doesn’t imply immortality, but it does suggest a focus on increasing one’s vitality. When you recognize and pursue the God-given ability to age in a healthy way with high energy, youthful strength, and a sharp intellect you will be benefitted greatly from the return on that investment of your many resources to achieve it. The early morning workout at the gym, the hour of bodywork each week, the cost of the supplements, the regular wellness spinal alignments, the active choice to fill your cart with healthy organic produce at each trip to the store, meditation in the morning or before bed – all of these are examples of bricks in the foundation of a healthier body, mind, and existence that translates into more fun from having a better function of each and every

Either we are actively investing in our health and the good things that follow like more energy, faster recovery, and better strength and rest from doing so, or we are waiting to pay off sick debt from illness that is inevitable if proper maintenance of our body is not maintained. There is a profound truth for many of us that to have health you must earn it. Research shows that less than 5% of Americans are truly considered “healthy” which means that up to 95% may not be having as much ‘fun’ as they want and really do deserve in life. And a lot of it stems from a lack of education on how the body function heals and operates, a misconception about what defines health, and a lack of responsibility and ownership over their most important asset.

To investigate this further, imagine not fearing chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, or dementia, or the nursing home admission, or not being able to travel and see the many wonders of the world that you have dreamed about or been made aware of by that screen saver you saw one day at work. Now, we all are acutely aware and innately understand and recognize that at some point there is going to be an expiration date on our time here that we have to come to grips with. But it doesn’t have to be in a hospital bed or nursing home from a surprise diagnosis that leaves you a frail shell of your former self, it can be in your own bed peacefully as you just work a little less and sleep a little more until one day you just… sleep.

No monitors hooked up, no beeps in the background or medical team panic, but a breeze of fresh air from an open window, and the comfort of knowing a fulfilling day was enjoyed just the day prior as you leave with a smile stamped on your face from a good life lived as evidence from the pictures of loved ones that surround your bedside. Contrary to the popular belief that we have to break down as we age, there is a high quality of physical and mental freedom and enjoyment that we can maintain through the journey. How disappointing would it be to have to throw in the towel early on your potential and grieve those lost dreams or watch as those plans disappear through the years like ice in a glass of water, when all it might have taken was a few more good things done in the right way on a regular basis to prolong and enhance your experience.

We actually would better serve our deep aspirations and our desire for fulfillment by not concerning ourselves with stopping the aging process but instead re-focusing our self-assessment on how we are aging. Are you able to do what you could with the same amount of energy you did 5 years ago? 10? 15? Are you discovering that you are struggling to find the energy to make it through your day? Are you sacrificing your hobbies, your interests, your traditions because something ‘hurts too much’? Are you increasing medications and making excuses for not doing what you enjoy because illness and conditions of disease are creeping in that you didn’t thoroughly address before in life? “I’m too tired for this”, “I’m not recovering from that”, “Which drug do I take for what and when”, etc.

The truth is that if we are living a healthy LIFEstyle made up of the Magnificent 7 (Eat Right, Drink Right, Think Right, Talk Right, Move Right, Sleep Right, Poop Right) we are better positioned to have a stronger and healthier infrastructure that will allow us to live a vibrant and active life for as long as we choose. Anything we do in opposition to this, or if we don’t perform the Magnificent 7 every day in a healthy way, then we are going to succumb to our DEATHstyle as we walk the road of sickness, disease, and frustration at an accelerated pace by Eating Wrong, Drinking Wrong, Sleeping Wrong, Thinking Wrong, Talking Wrong, Moving Wrong, and Pooping Wrong. The reason being is that ‘health’ is defined as the optimal functioning – of your body mentally, socially, spiritually, and not just the absence of sickness or disease.

So, good health truly puts the fun into functioning. And we achieve good health through practicing the Magnificent 7 because they influence the function of the various parts of our body to a large degree. Hormone expression, digestion, respiration, cardiovascular function, detoxification, muscular endurance, joint flexibility are all improved with this simple strategy to overcome progressive dysfunction and sickness in your body.

It sounds appealing, but what does this really mean? Well, specifics can be found in many places but things like Eating Right mean enjoying unprocessed clean foods as the bulk of your nutrition plan and supplementing appropriately to overcome nutritional deficiencies. Drinking Right refers to clean, uncontaminated water in the amount of at least one-half of your body weight in ounces each day. Sleeping Right implies a full uninterrupted six to eight hours of restful recovery with proper pillow and mattress support and no late-night electronics that interrupt melatonin release so that you actually feel rejuvenated upon waking.

All of these principles of the Magnificent 7 are broken down in videos on our website at wfcalaska.com. But the most important out of all of them is Move Right and will be discussed momentarily. These principles can truly help to change your life and increase the ‘fun factor’ when appropriately applied because when health is failing and the medications are piling, the surgeries are looming, and the bills are overwhelming life is not fun at all. Many people often say that we don’t stop playing because we get old, we actually get old because we stop playing. You can avoid the trap of thinking you have to break down as you age and you can be strong, stay strong and grow strong every year of existence if you keep the fun in your function and the Magnificent 7 in your day.

Lastly, since health is optimal functioning then we have to review the source of all functioning in the body at all times. Obviously, it is the brain that sends nerve impulses and instructions down the spinal cord out the nerve roots to every single cell, tissue, and organ in the body at all times. This information tells each part of the body what to do when and how in the exact right amount at the exact right time that is required. This nervous system is a beautiful relay of input and output from brain to body that can only be interrupted by the three “T’s” – stressors in the form of Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins. Any time the body is exposed to a stressor that is greater than the body’s ability to compensate or adapt to it something interesting often happens in the spine, something actually shifts. It is often one of the thirty-three moveable segments in the spine or vertebra that shifts from its optimal alignment causing a host of issues and health conditions that may or may not be perceptible.

The misalignment may be as subtle as a piece being bumped in Jenga, and as significant enough that it can be measured on x-ray. The problem is that the bones that make up the spine are like a suit of armor around the spinal cord and nervous system protecting the most important part of the body because this is the part of the body that controls all other functions. In addition, any time a part of the spine shifts or a region of the
the column is compromised it accelerates the breakdown process of the joint, weakens surrounding soft tissue, creates abnormal disc loading, increases the risk for injury, and compromises overall function in the body like a foot on a garden hose that prevents a lawn from being healthy.

The reason is that the shift in the spine or region of the spine creates tension in the spinal cord and compression on the nerve root which inhibits normal signaling from the brain to the body leading to the symptoms of pain, spasm, tingling, and even organ dysfunction. Left long enough in the misalignment and the disease process picks up its pace and life goes from fun to feeling stressed, tired, and shackled to limitations.

The easiest and most effective way to address this loss of function stemming from a spinal shift that stops and slows the nerve impulses and information traveling to the body from the brain is where the Move Right component of the Magnificent 7 becomes critically important. That ‘stuck’ spinal segment is acting like the car that ran out of gas on the highway at a rush and requires the creation of alternate routes so that traffic can continue to flow, albeit much slower than it otherwise would. The most effective and efficient way to get that spinal segment to Move Right is through corrective chiropractic adjustment and postural correction exercises to keep it located in the healthiest position while improving the pace of energy flow and the magnitude of healing in the body.

This is accomplished regularly utilizing Chiropractic Biophysics methods by an advanced trained practitioner who is certified in it. It is effective in everyone from adults who have experienced the negative effects of disc herniations, the moms suffering from migraines while raising children and keeping up with life at home and work, to the infants born with colic or those that are constipated, and so much more. This advanced system of predictable spinal remodeling technology reduces neural tension quickly and effectively can help overcome and conquer the neurological and structural weakness that results and improve the health of the person exponentially by maintaining proper spinal motion and a steady stream of nerve impulse flow leading to better function from a clearer connection with the brain to the organs. Therefore, overall body function can then be maximized and enhanced after the structure is optimized via stress reduction, exercise and healthy movement, stress and mindset management, and improved detoxification.

Once the spine and nervous system components are addressed, the principles of the Magnificent 7 are put in place, and you can restore maximum function to all areas of your body while taking daily responsibility for your health, you will not only be preventing illness and disease from manifesting in the body but finally be able to enjoy everything from the timeless novels by the fire to the hikes in faraway places, to the selfie while skydiving, because after all – we all just want to have fun.