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Ear Infections.

Chiropractic care can assist in the recovery of Ear Infections? Tell me more…

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Ear Infections.

Chiropractic care can assist in the recovery of Ear Infections? Tell me more…

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If you are a parent, this is a major concern that can lead to a lot of tears, tissues, and stress. Many adults who have suffered from this illness as a child are familiar with the sharp, piercing pain of an ear infection and they can easily sympathize with the look of misery on the faces of a child suffering from this condition as they frown, moan and pull on their bright red ears. As a parent or a loved one who cares for a sick child, it can be heartbreaking to see a little boy or girl not living to their potential with smiles and laughs decorating their day but instead struggling with congestion, fatigue, and discomfort. Frustration can also come as the result of missed work and school days, as well as juggling doctor appointments and financial burdens, along with the seemingly simple yet time-consuming responsibility of attending to the needs of an irritated and uncomfortable child.

In our office, many children can naturally achieve relief from their infections at an accelerated rate or reduce their likelihood of even contracting them at all in the first place through a combination of chiropractic care and natural, healthy lifestyle approaches using specific nutritional support protocols. We know that ear infection, fevers, sinus problems, and general conditions resulting from a compromised immune system can have serious detrimental effects on adults and their children. We also recognize that there are multiple contributing factors to the development of these conditions and that there are times when a prudent referral is required to assist in co-management of the health and well-being of the child. Furthermore, we understand and recognize the fact that it is always easier to raise a healthier child than to repair a damaged adult. Therefore, the sooner the immune system can be restored to normal function through maximizing the health of the nervous system then the sooner the child can return to living a healthier and happier life without risk for complications from antibiotics or emotional scarring from ear tube surgeries.

At Whole Family Chiropractic, we use a natural and effective structural approach augmented by removing nutritional deficiencies to correct spinal and postural subluxations in the growing spines of young children. This one-two combination of bio-structural and biochemical solutions can influence the health of a young child’s ears and their developing immune and nervous systems for the rest of their life.

Subluxations as discussed above, are misalignments or ‘shifts’ in the individual vertebra or whole curves of the spine resulting in pain, spasm, weakness, and organ dysfunction. Particularly in the neck and more specifically in the upper cervical spine, nerves that exit here can influence a variety of body functions including how well the body reacts to immune system challenges, how fast it recovers from infection, and whether it remains predisposed to future problems. When the spine is subluxated at the very top of the neck most often from birth trauma, the result can be nerve irritation that leads to tense musculature which then blocks normal drainage of lymph fluid from the ear canal. The stagnant fluid attracts ‘bugs’ (microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria), whether in a pond at the neighborhood park or in your child’s ear. Eventually, inflammation results as the infection progresses, which is then shortly followed by a fever and further symptoms of congestion, neck tension, fatigue, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and ear redness and pain because the body’s overall healing capacity has been reduced. As this obstruction to normal lymphatic flow is removed and the spinal subluxation is corrected through chiropractic care, the fluid in the inner ear can drain accordingly, and the environment that promotes the growth of bacteria and viruses is no longer present.

Due to the current research suggesting a causal relationship between spinal alignment and immune system health it is readily apparent that whether it is the first or the fifth ear infection that has been encountered, we believe that any child suffering from this condition should be carefully analyzed for spinal subluxations by a pediatric chiropractic specialist to help them heal faster and prevent recurrence while making sure the treatments are indicated, safe, and tolerable for the child.

To have your child evaluated for spinal subluxations that may be causing their ear infections or other associated symptoms, and to determine what it will take to maximize the health of their immune and nervous systems please call us today or click on the above link. Our very own Dr. Jessica Dachowski is passionate about keeping her family healthy and as Alaska’s only board-certified Pediatric and Pregnancy specialist she can keep your family healthy and happy as well.

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