Wayne Willis

Wayne arrived in our office seeking help for debilitating low back pain that shot down the back of his leg like a sharp spear and into his foot, chronic numbness and tingling in his feet and hands, and horrible pounding migraines and neck pain that made him feel like he was "60 years old". He was depressed because he didn't have the energy to play with his toddler-aged son or even the strength to pick him up from the ground. He was no longer able to play soccer and performing PT tests for his military position at work was exhausiting and severely aggravating. For Wayne to admit that he was getting weaker and sicker by the day was challenging, he was accustomed to being strong and not having limitations physically. It was more comfortable for him to deny his condition and the direction it was heading. He reasoned that if it hurt, he just wouldn't do it. Unfortunately, his body was taking a turn for the worst and he felt helpless as he was virtually doing nothing but working and coming home to recover, or getting sent home early due to his pain. His brother encouraged him to come to our office on multiple occassions. But Wayne was initially reluctant saying that he had tried chiropractic, and he had "been there and done that" but just didn't get the results he was looking for. His brother persevered and reminded him that Wayne had not visited us yet, and the advanced spinal care that we provide. Eventually, Wayne made the appointment and I still remember the remarks that he made on his first day, "Doc, I have never seen a place like this before or had an experience like this with any of my other doctors. Do you think that you can help me?".  All I could do is look at him and say, "Wayne, the only person who can help you is you. I will make the recommendations appropriate for your condition, but it is up to you to follow them and committ to them if getting to optimal health is what you desire". Once Wayne heard that, he felt empowered. The treatment plan based on his spinal and postural deviations made sense to Wayne after seeing his Xrays and reviewing the exam results. The rehabilitation was proven to work in the research, which we reviewed with him. The adjustments were unlike any he had before and we were able to demonstrate actual cases of successful outcomes of patients with similar issues.  For the first time, he felt a genuine concern for his well-being and that he was going to be held accountable for his results. Wayne was inspired, committed, compliant, and finally after years of despair and agony, he achieved the results that he was looking for. His health had finally shifted towards a new direction and allowed him to add things to his life instead o f subtract them. Congratulations Wayne for being a trooper in your health and in life, Great job!


Dr. Ryan is so attentive to each person’s needs that he’s able to figure out what they need as an individual. He’s able to use his expertise in all different areas.
— Wayne Willis
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