Meridyth Parnell

Meridyth sought care in our office due to no longer being able to cope with the symptoms of significant fatigue , throbbing headaches, and achy neck pain. She has 3 wonderful young boys to take care of and a husband who is actively serving a demanding position in the armed forces. The weight of her responsibilities on her time, energy, body, and emotions were draining her of everything and making it difficult to be the mom and wife that she knew she was destined to be. The debilitating pressure of the headaches and neck pain were significant to the point where it was interfering with the most simple of her normal activities and made each day more and more of a struggle to get through, especially when simultaneously caring for three boys. Upon a thorough evaluation she was discovered to have a subluxated spine and posture that was affecting her whole body on the inside and out. Meridyth qualified for the advanced spinal correction program and successfully made a life transformation through a commitment to making herself better to more effectively serve her family. Her spine resumed more of a normal alignment as demonstrated in her post-treatment xrays and assessments. It was an honor to be part of Meridyth’s progress and see her become stronger, more energized, and able to manage her life again. I’m very proud of Meridyth and happy to see her living the potential that she knew was always inside of her.

You are taken care of. It’s more about caring for your whole body, than it is just getting results in your spine.
— Meridyth Parnell
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