Ted Ragains

Ted has been an active practice member of Whole Family Chiropractic for a few years now as he is continually striving for a higher level of health. He has achieved results in our office that were beyond what he experienced elsewhere and values the care that keeps him living the Alaskan life. As he dedicated himself to becoming healthier, he has had many challenges along the way, including multiple surgeries from some significant traumas that he sustained and that would have left many others depressed and hopeless. Ted didn’t back down in the face of the challenges that his body had to go through. His spine is unique as a result of some of these changes and we have actually had to change our method of working with him due to some of the things his body has gone through. Ted understands the role that his spine plays in healing his body as he has worked with us and witnessed the benefits firsthand. He knows that when an emergency happens, that he needs to get checked for subluxations as early as possible to get his body out of the crisis and back into stabilization and wellness. He knows he can’t predict what life in Alaska will do to change his situation but he is confident that he knows where to get the quality help that he needs if it should. In the mean time, he chooses prevention to keep him on track and prevent regression to disability. Ted you are motivating each of us with your story of endurance and faith in the fact that the power that made the body is the same power that heals it. Thank you for your testimony and your trust. Great job!

Take everything you know about chiropractic, and smash it. You’ve got to try this. This is completely different than what anyone else is doing.
— Ted Ragains
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