Rosa Salazar
Patient Relations Manager

Living in Anchorage, AK for 6 years, I am proud to say I have finally found home. Growing up in a small town in Indiana, I was ready for an adventure and Alaska is where it is at.  

Within the last few years I have done some major soul searching, and have finally found my path in life. I am severely into music especially from my Puerto Rican culture, disco, and house music.  I enjoy company so much and love to cook for my family and friends here. I am very passionate about health, nutrition, and chiropractic care. You will always catch me talking about how important happiness, peace, and all my passions are.

I have an amazing beautiful family, Christopher and RaeRhythm and a wonderful husband who keeps me going strong. 

I am honored that the staff here at Whole Family decided to make me a part of this epic team. To have a sense of fulfillment and purpose at such a young age, love your job completely, and be at peace about your life is something I have finally found thru Whole Family and the culture here in Alaska. 

My motto of being compassionately committed to excellence in customer service and providing service with a smile is evident in everything I do—from former beauty professional, former business owner, PTA President and now as Patient Relations Chiropractic Assistant with Whole Family Chiropractic. What I am most passionate about is alternative healthcare for myself and my family. It saved my life and allows me to be a better wife, an energetic mother and overall a better person. I believe that Whole Family Chiropractic’s passion, culture, values, and superior Chiropractic care are what define “The Whole Family Chiropractic Difference.” As a member of Whole Family Chiropractic’s team, I am committed to serving you and providing service with a smile! My hope is that Whole Family Chiropractic’s mission and care benefits you as it has benefited me! Choose Health. Choose Life. Choose Chiropractic. I am living proof that it works! Stop by and I’ll tell you more about it!!