Rainey Heins

Rainey came to us as a last resort and to put it lightly, she was extremely skeptical. She was referred to us by another patient who had a similar condition, but was told multiple times that she shouldn’t go to a chiropractor because of her spinal condition. You see, rainey’s spine is very unique and requires the kind of cbp specialized training that we have in our clinic to even be able to work with it. She had scoliosis surgery when she was younger. Two metal rods were placed down the length of her spine to try to keep her “straight”. Unfortunately, it left her with life-altering hip pain, headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, and back pain. She was no longer able to dance, coach gymnastics, or participate in mild physical activity. A walk in the park became rare because of the amount of pain that would follow.  It affected her work as an employee, her relationships with friends, and her life with her kids. Emotionally, she was also very angry. She was angry that she had pain, she was mad at the medical doctors for telling her that there was nothing they could do, she was upset that the pharmaceutical pills weren’t working, and she became frustrated that her life was not without struggle. She was also scared that this daily struggle was how the rest of her life was going to be. I remember looking at rainey the first day i met her, and letting her know that if there was anything i could do, to have faith that i would. Rainey has undergone a change unlike any i have seen in practice. She now fills the office with joy and love when she visits and is a true pleasure to be around since undergoing the changes that she made in the office. First off, she fired her doctors, quit the pills, improved her nutrition, and had her subluxations reduced in the office. Now, no longer is she in pain. No longer is she a victim of her body’s dysfunction. She is living life at a much more gratifying level and more importantly its being done on her terms. She has experienced less colds, flu, sickness than fellow co-workers and friends. She is able to exercise again and laugh without pain. But what i enjoy seeing the most is that no longer is rainey scared for what the future holds. She has the confidence to trust that her body can heal when the interference to the process is removed.  She has had her confidence and faith in her self and her potential restored. 

It’s eliminated my migraines and sinus infections. Dr. Ryan has great understanding of scoliosis and how to work with my particular condition. He takes the time to listen to you.
— Rainey Heins
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