Mike Williams 

Mike had an miraculous transformation in our office following the recommendation from his good friend to get evaluated and to see if we could help with his health challenges. He came to us suffering from migraines, shoulder pain and low back pain. The only thing worse was the fatigue that he had been drowning in for far too long. It was so intense and heavy that he began to miss his children. He would come home wanting to play with his boys, but could not muster the energy to do it. Often times he was also too stiff, stressed, and sore to play with his kids and on other occassions he was forced to lay down as a result fo the intense throbbing from an unpredictable migraine. He was exhausted physcially, mentally, and emotionally. He was having trouble preparing for PT tests at work, and was finding that he couldn't run or exercise as intensely as he had wanted and needed to, because his body was progressively weakening and beginning to fail him. He was depressed because he would work and return home only to crash on the couch or the bed and not move. He explained it as literally feeling like he was dragging an anchor with him all day long right across the shoulders. He felt like he woke up tired, and went to bed tired. The doctors he had seen had previously recommended stimulants, and a host of other interventions all of which were unsuccessful.  He had stated that he felt trapped in a physcially weak body, despite having an energetic spirit. He wanted to snowmachine, he wanted to exercise, he wanted to have energy to play with his kids, but he simply didn't. He said he had been to a chiropractor before, and had a rough experience and thought his situation was actually worse afterward. So, he was naturally skeptical, but still hopeful as many of our pateints are. In the first few minutes, he knew that what we did was different. Mike discovered that he had lost a signifcant amount of the curve in his neck. This is referred to as the "Arc Of Life", as it is the bridge between the brain and body. Mike rehabed his spine and changed his life. His headaches resolved, his back pain went away, he began running and working out, he enjoyed time with his kids after work, he lost a signficant amount of weight, and he remembered what it felt like to be happy again. Recently and shortly after his curve restoration treatment, he was able to take his boys snowmachining at his cabin without any ill effects and in telling his story he was full of proud fatherly smiles. Mike, we know what you had to go through to get where you are. Your journey was nothing short of amazing. Your story has been inspirational to us all. Congratulations on your achievement!

I’ve made phenomenal progress. I’ve never seen anything else like this.
— Mike Williams
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