Kim Matherne

Kim sought care in our office as a result of having to go through his day with life-altering chronic headaches that could occur at a moments notice. They robbed him from his ability to have fun at social activities with friends, they stole his concentration when working on engineering projects at work, and they cheated him out of time with his family when he tried to relax with loved ones. He was frustrated, fatigued and desperate for a solution as the headaches were progressively worsening and he didn't know the reason why. He had enough of the throbbing, aching and pounding that plagued him regularly, and he was fed up with the failed treatments that he had been put through by his previous providers. By the time he had arrived at our clinic, Kim's life had been so affected by his condition that he could no longer bring in groceries from the car, and he could no longer carry his young children to bed at night without triggering his symptoms. The one thing that Kim had going for him was the positive mindset that drove him to pursue finding an answer for his problem at all costs and he had hoped it would be us. Being an engineer himself, Kim gravitated to our unique and advanced explanation, understanding, and approach to treating conditions of the spine using the most scientific and research-based technique in the profession today, Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). We showed him how the spine buckles under loads and produces symptoms consistent with what his body was going through, including everything from his headaches and back pain, to his fatigue, shoulder problems and more. He learned that there does exist an ideal position to the spine, and that his was deviated and shifted signficantly from normal when he saw his Xrays and the results of his evaluation. Once he was made aware of this, everything made a lot more sense. He knew that his structure determined his function, just like in some of the projects he worked on. He saw the spine as similar to features and parts of the pipeline that he had helped design. If the spine experienced too much stress in an area, it would subluxate and shift, causing problems locally at the site of the shift and in other parts of the body away from it as well. It was similar to his understanding of the engineering, physics, and mechanics of the pipeline in that too much stress would cause signficant demage in many cases to the pipe. As Kim comprehended his condition to a higher degree, he knew that his structural problem would require a structural solution. Kim underwent a thorough spinal rehabilitation program for the twisted and contorted regions of his spine. Since then he has successfully rehabilitated his spine, so much so that he has gone on multiple vacations with his daughters sitting on his shoulders for strolls on the beach, and he has excelled in multiple projects at work, while his headaches have become nearly extinct. He is able to workout regularly and does his best to maintain the health that he has earned by continuning on his home care and regular adjustments for wellness and health. Furthermore, Kim has been able to evolve into the father, the husband, employee, and friend that he knew he was but couldn't always be due to the headaches he suffered from. Kim you are an inspiration and we are all very proud of you for taking your health to another level!


I’m very pleased with my health now. I can exercise and lift weights again. It’s a 180 degree turn.
— Kim Matherne
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