Kayla Hendricksen 

Kayla arrived in our office following the successful turnaround that we made in her older brother's condition. She was impressed by his improvement, and the fact that he was inspired to become a chiropractor himself as a result of our work with him. Upon his recommendation, Kayla arrived to Whole Family Chiropractic looking for one thing, hope. She was experiencing annoying neck pain, frustrating headaches, mid back pain and even low back pain that was not only interrupting her studies, her social life, and her recreational activities, but also affected her outlook on what her potential in life was going to be. She felt that she was "too young" to have all of the problems that were occurring in her body, and she inherently knew that medications and surgery were not the answer. The bottom line for Kayla, was that she wasn't able to have fun anymore, and the pain began to affect her emotionally and mentally as well. Kayla quickly learned that as a result of the fact that her spine was shifted out of alignment, and her posture was less than ideal, she had been aging at an accelerated rate. Kayla went through a unique and rigorous spinal correction program, and came out of it stronger, healthier, and feeling much more like her young self. She adhered to the strict program recommendations and not only had her main complaints resolved, but she also noticed that the discomfort in her feet after athletic events was no longer present, she was recovering more quickly, she wasn't as congested or sick as often, and she had a tremendous amount of energy. Her health transformation was a true pleasure to witness and watching her become more than she thought she could, was nothing short of a blessing. We are so happy for your achievements Kayla, you demonstrated an amazing dedication and effort in regaining your heatlh.


After an adjustment, I leave standing upright and feeling really good; feeling like I can touch the sky. The care I get here is great, I love it.
— Kayla Hendricksen
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