Jessica Sessum-Rahn

Jessica came to our office suffering from neck pain and mid-back pain that was so intense it woke her up regularly through the night. The pain travelled from the base of her skull to the middle of her shoulder blades and she described it as being "sharp and burning, like a knife on fire". Above all it was very frustrating and annoying because it was not going away no matter what she tried to do. Furthermore, it would frequently manifest in the form of a severe throbbing headache when the neck pain became intense enough. She was frustrated because she would go to bed tired and wake up tired, along with "always being uncomfortable".  When Jessica first visited us to see if we could help, she was a student at a nearby college at the time, working a demanding job, and trying to keep up with family and friends at social gatherings. Unfortunately, she was having challenges in playing each of her roles successfully due to the pain and fatigue that she was experiencing. Upon evaluation, it was discovered that Jessica had a significant forward head posture and loss of the curve in her neck on X-ray. The postural deviations and spinal mis-alignments were stretching her spinal cord just like a rubber band, and this made it difficult for nerve signals to be passed from her brain through her spinal cord and to her organs and tissues below to keep them functioning at optimal levels. It can be said that her body was behaving like it contained a dimmer switch that was set on "low". The spinal subluxations that caused her fatigue were ruining her day and making it difficult to truly enjoy life and excel at school and work because she would literally "fall asleep at her desk" from being so tired. Jessica received help in our office by following the recommendations for our spinal corrective care rehabilitation program. In a short period of time, she changed her neck curve back to a normal healthy alignment, improved her posture to remove stress on the body, and enhanced her energy levels in remarkable and beneficial ways.  She is not only healthier today, but she is able to do more with less pain and is getting a good night's sleep regularly. She is free from the stress of her headaches and is enjoying a fulfilling job that she is able to contribute towards. She was able to follow our program for her and is now reaping the rewards with a higher functioning body and the energy to do what she wants, when she wants. Great job Jessica!  

Dr. Ryan found the root of the problem...I can now sleep through the night and sit through a 3 hour class without a problem. My Mom swears by Dr. Ryan and she hasn’t even met him! It’s easy to refer someone that you believe in because of what they’ve done for you.
— Jessica Sessum-Rahn
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