Jason Marvin

Jason is a joy to have in the office and we are fortunate to be his healthcare sanctuary. Jason worked diligently to repair damage in his spine that accumulated through the years and left him exhausted from work and annoyed by unrelenting pain that he could not overcome. He was tired of waking up in pain, working through pain, and going to bed in pain. Jason’s situation is different in that he is someone who cannot be slowed by pain. He would grimace through his day, and strain through his evening while doing his best to remain stoic and unperturbed for the sake of his family. His work demands a high level of focus and his home is filled with beautiful, active and busy children and lots of home repairs which also happens to be a passion of his. However, he was finding that he could hide it less and less, and in the exam room he stated that he was simply not willing to live his life like this anymore. He wanted to change. When it was discovered that he would be a candidate for the advanced rehabilitation procedures that we provide, he was hesitant initially but willing and open to doing whatever it takes to achieve health. Jason demonstrated commitment to his in-office care by not missing a single appointment and consistency in his daily home care,  both of which resulted in a corrected spine and a lot more smiling. Life was better, work was easier, and he was having a lot more fun after overcoming his condition. Jason had a fantastic change and also inspires others to change their lives by being a great example to many of our patients in the office. Congratulations again Jason!

Dr. Ryan knows what’s going on with your body and your spine. I trust him. I was surprised to see how open and inviting the clinic was!
— Jason Marvin
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