Jarah Steele

Jarah's transformation in our office was nothing short of phenomenol. She had been sick and she had been suffering throughout her life as her health conditions continued to accumulate and progressively worsen over time. Of course, she had been to multiple providers and had been told it was her age, or her genetics, or that she needed a certain medication, or a special topical lotion, all to no avail as her health became worse by the day. She had even been to a number of chiropractors who unfortunately did not have the training that we have in our office, and only achieved a minimal and at best, a temporary relief as eventually her pain would return.  She was very emotionally distraught and mentally stressed, not only from what felt like being trapped in a body that she couldn't control, but also being a single mom of three and constanly either worrying about her children or having to attend to their every need. She simply didn't feel that she had the time to think about how she was going to get better, and eventually she started to believe that she just wasn't going to. She began thinking that she would just get used to the pain and her conditions, and just live with them. Unfortuntately, her list of heatlh conditions was extensive and she nearly had one for each letter of the alphabet; including everything from Allergies, Back pain, Congestion, Digestive difficulties, Ear ringing, Fatigue, and Headaches to Neck pain, Osteoarthritis, Restless leg syndrome, Scolisosis, Thyroid dysfunction and more. Her health was continnuing to degenerate and it made her feel that her days were often grey, even when the sun was shining brightly in the Alaskan summer sky. When we met, she was often more frustrated than happy. She wanted to believe there was hope for her, but evey time she did, the system had failed her for a long-term solution. After working with Jarah utilizing some traditional methods, and only experiencing temporary improvement, I recommended easing into our advanced Correctinve Care program. It required more of her time, her commitment, and her discipline, but she was at the point where she was willing to do anything to feel better. After 6 months of intense work, Jarah did extraordinarily well. She was smiling in the office, roller skating with her kids, working out at home and in the gym, and was no longer suffering from the migraines, back pain and allergies that had significantly plagued her to the point of helplessness through the years. She began to "light up" the room when she walked in and her spirit was much more clearly seen in her eyes. She restored regions of her spine to a more correct and healthy position and her body loved her for it. She was able to completely turn her life around in a very short period of time. As a matter of fact, she had such a life-changing experience that she referred her entire family in to see if we could help them for their ailments as well. Jarah's dedication to her health and to the program gave her a new opportunity to have the life she knew she deserved and wanted. She continues to receive the benefits of a healthy lifestyle since turning it all around and she has become acutely aware of the fact that the health you get, is the health you work for. Jarah you are awesome, you did amazingly well, and we are so happy for you as you not only inspire other patients but our whole team as well!  


After my first round of therapy with Dr. Ryan, I really noticed a difference. I was amazed that I wasn’t in such pain all the time.
— Jarah Steele
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