Jamar Hill 

Jamar began his care with us following a car accident that left him in some "rough shape", as he had explained it at the time. He was experiencing troublesome neck pain that made it difficult for him to do what he loved in life, which was playing and coaching baseball. The pain was also keeping him up at night and not letting him get the rest he needed to help the kids that he coached to be their best. It became emotionally and physcially exhausting for him on a daily basis because the pain and discomfort just would not go away, no matter what he tried. Upon the initial evaluation with Jamar, we discovered that the collision had altered his spinal structure creating damage to the soft tissue and changing his posture in an undesireable way which was causing him to become progressively weaker with each passing day. Jamar was willing to do anything to get his health back so that he could resume the activities that brought joy to his life. Within a few visits Jamar was doing much better and we were able to start his rehabilitaiton sooner than expected. His body literally loved the program as he excelled from day one. He noticed more overall strength, better range of motion, less headaches and of course less pain while also discovering that he swam with less effort when working out in the pool. He was so happy when he could finally sleep through the night without waking from the pain that he suffered from, that he smiled the whole office visit on the day that he reported it. He also found that when he was able to return to baseball, he was no longer sore from practice, his swing speed and power had significantly improved, and he was much more aware as a coach to the needs of his players. Jamar is a prime example of how chiropractic can not only help athletes to get well, but can help them to become better than they have ever been. Great job Jamar, you are an All-Star in our office! 


Dr. Ryan educated me about chiropractic care and put me on a spinal rehabilitation program. It just put new life into my body and it’s been a great experience since.
— Jamar Hill
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