Isabelle Evern

Isabelle was experiencing regular pounding migraines that were disrupting her life and her ability to focus and concentrate. They were frustrating and frequently challenging to deal with. Traditional chiropractic adjustments in her past and medications had previously assisted in temporary relief or even a slight decrease in the intensity but did not provide her with any long term resolution of her condition. She felt like she was having to go to her previous medical doctor and a chiropractor regularly for these “band aid” treatments without really getting to the cause of the problem.  Upon evaluating her, we discovered that her issues resulted from a problem with her neck. From the side, the neck should be curved on xray, however, isabelle’s was not. This can be serious for many individuals as it significantly impacts the health of the spinal cord, which is the lifeline of the body. After we determined that isabelle qualified as a patient, we began treatment using our state-of-the-art non-surgical spinal remodeling procedures to strengthen her spine and improve the overall quality of her health. Isabelle did extremely well and was very consistent with her home care and the recommendations for her in-office rehabilitation. She achieved significant results to th tune of nearly 85% improvement using our research-based protocols and obtained results much faster than she had when working with doctors who did not utilize our advanced protocols. In review, she was previously experiencing those annoying migraines a few days each week, with each episode lasting a good portion of the day.  They made her feel like she was dragging an anchor around with her from dawn until dusk, and stole much of her energy. Now she is able to work without discomfort, she is not shackled to medication, her adjustments and treatments have a longer duration of stability, and she is able to enjoy her travels to europe without the added baggage of a migraine. Great job isabelle, you did wonderful and continue to excel in your quest to obtain optimal health!

It’s hard to explain how big of a change this has made in my life. Dr. Ryan will really try to help you because he truly cares about people. This was by far the most successful treatment that I have received.
— Isabelle Evern
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