Heather Rasmussen 

To say that Heather was miserable or was suffering as a result of the health conditions that she experienced is a sad understatement of her circumstances at the time that we met her. Unfortunately, she was literally taken prisoner by her disorders on a regular basis and the attacks on her would happen in unpredictable moments in life. They affected her goals, her marriage, her ability to work and help others, and her perspective about her own potential as she would speculate what the next few decades of her life were going to look like - if it was this bad already. She was on a number of harsh and toxic medications, shots, and a variety of other therapies that were unable to provide her with long-lasting relief. Whether it was an unexpected seizure that stole her mind and body for a period of time, a pounding migraine that caused her to become dizzy and physically ill on the spot, a low back spasm that incapacitated her, or neck and shoulder pain that distracted her from the task at hand, she was too often left unable to experience the life that she wanted to live, one on her terms. She frequently wondered upon waking each day; “was today going to be the day”.  Heather couldn’t prepare for the occurrences; she just experienced the pain, the lack of control, the helplessness. Often her husband would have to be at her side to help her through the rough moments. She was working as a myotherapist in another chiropractic office that did not have the advanced equipment and trainnig that we do when she began her treatment with us. We used xray analysis, performed our evaluation and then explained how were going to do our best to maximize her health. It was discovered that Heather's neck curve was significantly reduced along with a host of other spinal findings on her evaluation. When we reviewed the findings with her, she had never known it was so bad, as her previous doctor lacked the training to appropriately treat and diagnose her condition. Furthermore, the other doctors she consulted with had never went over her problem, they merely attempted to manage her symptoms. We explained to Heather that we focus on structural solutions to structural problems. Because of the extensive nature of Heather’s case, it took her many months to rehabilitate and help heal the damaged areas. She persevered, and then she conquered. Today, she is stronger, healthier,  and happier than ever. She has competed in the Annual Highland Games, she is an extremely busy therapist in high demand, she is weightlifting and hiking with her dogs without pain, she is no longer on her medications, and she is much more confident about the power of her body to overcome weakness and fear. Heather was so impressed and ecstatic with the changes that she achieved through her program that she requested to be a part of our team so that she could return the blessing of optimal health that she received to others, and that being the case, she then joined Whole Family Chiropractic when we opened our new state-of-the-art facility. She wanted to work in a health care office that was helping people and empowering them to be their best. Heather had one of the most inspiring and amazing testimonies that exemplifies what we do and why. She has obtained a greater knowledge of chiropractic and how it truly helps people, and has even shared her results with so many members in our community that she became  a true life-saver. It is a great pleasure to not only know Heather, but to have been a part of her journey and witness her life become more than she thought it would be through her Corrective Care program. Congratulations Heather – you finally have what you have earned and what you deserve, your health!


I haven’t had a migraine in months. I feel like I actually have control of my health now. I’m a whole new person.
— Heather Rasmussen
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