Grigory Zhuk 

Grigory was referred to our office by a co-worker following a severe work accident. After pulling shifts back-to-back Grig had one more task to complete and it almost became the last thing he would ever do. He was a dedicated employee and was so focused on the job at hand that he mis-calcuated a step on a ladder and fell head first into a steel support beam while bouncing unconcious onto the deck over ten feet below. His recovery from surgery and physical therapy had lasted for nearly 2 months. Grigory came to us shortly thereafter and was continuing to suffer from neck pain and constant numbness and tingling in his upper arm, hands and fingers that his previous doctors had said he would "probably just have to learn to live with for the rest of his life". He was also very weak on one side of his body and reported that he was constantly tired and emotionally frustrated. He was annoyed by waking with daily pain, and depressed by how his life had changed from the accident. He just didn't feel like himself anymore, and because of the prognosis from his previous doctors, he was uncertain as to whether he ever would. But it didn't stop him from trying at least one more time to see if someone could help and we could see the desparation in his eyes on his first visit. We performed a thorough assessment, executed an advanced form of analysis and then proceeded to inform Grig about what we had found that his previous doctors had missed, and what his options were at the time. Grigory had a significant spinal deviation at the base of his skull that was preventing optimal communication between his brain and body and contributing to the symptoms he had displayed. The trauma left Grig's life in disarray and his body in a deconditioned, disabled, and dysfunctional condition and he did not want to continue to live like he was at the time. When Grigory made the decision to fix and rehabilitate the cause of his remaining problems, we initially started slow with him as a result of the damage brought on by the subluxations in his spine. His body began to take to the treatment immediately and he was soon feeling more energy, had less stiffness and pain in his shoulder and neck, higher levels of productivity, improved focus and concentration, better quality of sleep, and he was able to drive and talk on the phone without his hands going numb. An added benefit was watching him smiling more often in and out of the office.  Grigory was feeling like himself again. He was making huge changes physically in a short period of time as a result of unwavering dedication to achieve his goals. Most important of which was being healthier for a lifetime and not letting his accident be a reson he could not reach the potential he was born to achieve. Congratulations on your progress Grigory!  

Dr. Ryan knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s made me a believer.
— Grigory Zhuk
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