Gary Loyd

Gary came to our office initially with chronic complaints of headaches, back pain and neck pain that were brought on by repetitive stress injuries from years of general physical labor on the slope and heavy weightlifting that shifted parts of his spine into a negative unhealthy direction. He discovered whole family chiropractic through witnessing firsthand the amazing results of patients in our clinic, who were also friends of his personally, and decided that it was worth his time to see if we could help him to reach his goals also. He soon discovered that he would not be disappointed. Gary had been getting chiropractic care for years and had received some benefit that came and went, but he was looking for something more. He liked the fact that our office was unique and different and that we had expertise in treating and coaching athletes of his caliber. Gary didn’t want to just be out of pain, he wanted optimal performance as an elite athlete. When talking with gary at his exam we demonstrated how the cbp chiropractic services that we provide could help him recover faster, train longer, and prevent injury. It was everything that he was hoping for. Gary noted that he trained hard and intense in the gym and that his goal was to compete at the national level. Therefore, he not only wanted to be at his very best as often as possible to achieve new personal records, but so that he could also train without being limited by the fear of injury. This mindset was the foundation for constructing his dense, strong muscular frame which inevitably allowed him to win the strongman of the north competition and proved that he was the strongest person in the state. Preparing his body for lifting cars, pulling trucks, and pressing logs overhead for reps was no easy task, but the work we did helped him to perform at his best and he was nothing short of ecstatic with the results. Even now his pain is no longer as severe, he heals quickly following a flare-up, and his headaches have been dramatically improved.  We used a variety of spinal and postural adjustments to strengthen his spine to keep up with the demands he placed on it both in the office and on the field. In this way gary can now train uninhibited on his way to getting his pro card. Good luck gary! We will support you all the way!

I have never felt this good in my life. As a Strongman athlete I am constantly breaking myself down but I know that I can come to Dr. Ryan and he’ll put me back together again. I always leave Whole Family Chiropractic feeling good.
— Gary Loyd
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