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Ticking Time Bomb - 2017 Workshop

  • Whole Famly Chiropractic 600 E. 36th Ave. Anchorage, AK United States (map)

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Can you hear it? 
That simple rhythmic beat of your heart, nearly 70 times a minute while you rest. 

Can you feel it? 
That all too familiar vibrating muscular pump nestled within your chest, contracting over 100,000 steady, predictable repetitions per day. 

Now, imagine a sudden and explosive detonation that you cannot hear or see coming. 

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No warning. No fuse.  

Instantly, the music and the motion stops. Left with nothing, but the magnitude of the sound of deafening silence. 

A frightening and all too realistic scenario for far too many Americans every single day.  

Currently, heart disease is the number one cause of death in America. This “Silent Killer” can affect many people from a variety of backgrounds. The decorated athlete to the late-night couch potato, the stressed mom in traffic to the focused priest in prayer, the workhorse lawyer to the depressed, lonely college grad,  the proud Armed Forces veteran to the sleep deprived healthcare professional and many more. Even the celebrities are not safe as we have all seen with the tragic and recent passing of Carrie Fischer, George Michael, Alan Thicke and far too many others to name.
We have more people under treatment and managing symptoms for cardiovascular disease and its related conditions than at any previous point in the history of our nation and our communities. More surgeries, more pharmaceuticals, and yet approximately 50 million people in the US and 1 billion worldwide have been diagnosed with heart disease. This means that 1 in every three people will experience it themselves, and a host of others will end up with the fallout from the impact of unfortunately knowing and maybe even loving someone who has. The numbers are not improving; they are getting worse. 

The plethora of treatment options is extensive and include everything from a lifetime of toxic pharmaceuticals to invasive microsurgery for valves, to uncomfortable pacemaker implants and even robotic artificial hearts. But not one of these have changed the rate at which people are acquiring this condition, and some don't even prevent it from worsening. So, are we deficient in replacement parts? Or are we just supposed to fall apart as we age? Is there a better solution than managing lab numbers?  Is it inevitable? 

You are invited on the evening of February 23rd at 6pm, for our transformational and informative 'Ticking Time-Bomb' Workshop. Learn the explosive truth about heart disease, from it's leading causes to the simple solutions to avoid becoming a casualty.

We are dedicating this night to our patients and the members of our community. Our mission is to help our neighbors in Anchorage and beyond create the best life possible; where worries of chronic and debilitating diseases are exchanged for healthy action steps, in preparation for a brighter future. We are passionate about helping each one of you to do everything that you can to avoid becoming another dreaded statistic of cardiovascular disease. Together we can do more, be more, and help more. 

Live Long and Pump On, 

Dr. Ryan Dachowski  

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Only 32 FREE tickets left!
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