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Alaska Fitness Expo 2013

  • Dena'ina Center 600 West 7th Avenue Anchorage, Alaska USA (map)

The biggest fitness event of the year is this Saturday at the Dena'ina Center!

The spine has two basic functions; keeping us upright and strong in gravity and supporting and protecting the nervous system. Training on an imbalanced spine can actually strengthen weaknesses, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to discuss with Dr. Ryan one-on-one about how chiropractic care can take your athletics to an advanced level!

Dr. Ryan and staff will be there from 10-7, performing complimentary digital postural analysis, discussing proper ergonomic techniques to athletes of all abilities and levels and more.

This one-day event is a must-attend especially if you're interested in watching some amazing athletes demonstrate and compete in cross-fit, strongman, figure, fitness, physique and more...or you just need a kick start at your own motivation in your fitness journey. See you there!