Erika Bennett

Erika is an example of what living a healthy lifestyle is all about. Both she and her daughter receive regular wellness care to keep them functioning at a high level which allows them to experience the feeling of true health and happiness. Erika is an avid triathlete and regularly places high demands on her body. These demands require regular spinal check-ups to allow her body to continue to perform at the level that she desires. Also, as a pilot she needs to be functioning at optimal levels to be able to respond to changing environmental conditions and to deal with the emotional and physical toll of those stresses that occur at a moment’s notice. She had successfully undergone the most advanced and research based corrective care rehabilitation program in the profession using the Chiropractic Biophysics standard of care model in our office and she received benefits that continue to allow her to excel in her sports endeavors and enjoy her family. She has reported considerable improvements in her body's ability to recover after her workouts and in requiring less frequent care to maintain it. She has also experienced faster recovery following injury as a result of her efforts in the clinic to construct a more solid spinal foundation. She is no doubt an inspiration to many of our patients and staff as she continually demonstrates that health is not a product of your conditions, but of your choices. It is an honor knowing that she and her family choose our office for their healthcare and wellness needs. Congrats on your success Erika!

Dr. Jessica & Dr. Ryan care about you as a person. My daughter has bonded with Dr. Jessica...she trusts her. She looks forward to coming in for an adjustment!
— Erika Bennett
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