Devon Derouchie

To say that Devon had a life-changing experience in our office is an understatement. He initially came to us through the referral of a good friend and co-worker because of significant pain and discomfort that was left unresolved with other modes of care and multiple trips to medical doctors that merely left him to manage his symptoms. Devon came to understand that he had a unique healing ability inside of himself that was being impaired as a result of multiple traumas and a unique underlying condition that complicated the situation. Devon not only changed his spine, but he changed his life and is not the same person he was when we first met. He is currently living the principles that we teach in our office and is experiencing a level of health that he previously thought was unobtainable. Devon overcame misery and tribulation and never lost hope in his body’s ability to overcome the challenges that he had to go through. His journey had many twists and turns and ups and downs, but in the end he came out victorious and literally earned the right to refer to himself as healthy. Devon is an example of how our patients can teach us as much as we teach them. To see the enduring nature of his spirit and his commitment to a better life that wasn’t going to leave him a victim of circumstance, was nothing short of a blessing and absolutely admirable. Devon also clearly understands that health is a journey and not a destination. He knows that if he doesn’t invest in his health he will be forced to spend a lot more to recover it. Devon’s vision for his life is one of having the freedom to do things on his terms at the time he chooses and knows that without his health his goals in life cannot be achieved. We wish Devon nothing but the best as he lives the life that was destined for him and thank him immensely for trusting us with his health and the ability to help him reach his goals.

Before seeing Dr. Ryan it was hard to walk, drive, or even ride a 4 wheeler. He’s done a lot for me; from me being barely able to walk to now being to able to fully function again.
— Devon Derouchie
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