Dave Balmer

"Doc...I can't walk and this is the worst pain ever. Please, tell me you can help". These are the words that started my relationship with Dave. As a doctor, these words can signify a multitude of different things from a diagnostic perspective, including the most severe of emergencies. He was in so much pain that he couldn't take care of himself, or his country. Being an elite fighter pilot for the United States Air Force takes a significant toll on the body due to the fact that you are under 9-G's of stress for much of your workday. Then when you are not travelling at mach speeds performing maneuvers that would make the average person faint, you are in the gym training for it or chasing after toddlers for a cardio workout. Inevitably, Dave eneded up pushing his body to the point where it finally pushed back and caused him to become nealry disabled. He hobbled into the office, literally bent out of shape from the postures that he is forced to work in while flying, and was experiencing severe pain and debilitating discomfort. We found multiple areas of subluxation in his spine that were preventing him from being his best. Dave became quickly encouraged when we showed him the research that demonstrated that we could help him get well and what it would take to do so. We were able to educate him on his condition and he was able to see for himself on his xrays where the cause of his problem was located. He questioned why other doctors he had seen were not trained with the advanced techniques that we use, but was glad that his wife had found us and referred him to our office. He read and digested all of research about the program that we had for him, as he worked with unlimited determination during his treatment plan to restore his ability to function and to get back above the clouds. Dave's recovery was nothing short of inspiring and it didn't take him long to get back in the gym and back in his jet without any residual symptoms. The care he received inspired him to tell many others, and he became a life-saver to those around him and many in his community as he helped to spread the postiive message of hope and healing that is prevalent in our office. Congratulations on your amazing recovery Dave! Thank you for the opportunity to help - it has been an honor!    


We love Whole Family Chiropractic. We love the doctors and we love the staff. It feels like family when we come in here.
— Dave Balmer
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