Connie Fairbanks

Connie began care in our office due to severe and debilitating neck pain and restriction. It was affecting her to the point where it made it difficult for her to get through her church service the day before she met with us. She had been through the routine of drugs and invasive procedures for pain in other parts of her body, only to have it return after failed symptom management. Now she was faced with the fear of the possibility that another part of her body was potentially breaking down, and she was going to be recommended more of the same thing that didn't work before.  But, to understand her situation it is important to know a very important part of her background. Connie has many lovely grandchildren and great-grandchildren that truly bring out the happiness in her and that she absolutely adores. It was the result that these family members received in our office that prompted her to come in when she did.  Unfortunately, the pain was so intense at the time that she couldn't use her arms to pick them up or play with them the way that brought her joy. Truly not only was the pain itself a concern but the resulting reduction in her quality of life that it created was frustrating her emotionally. The subluxations in Connie's neck were intense and beginning to age her spine at an accelerated rate. Working with Connie was an honor because we could see how committed she was to getting better so that she could enjoy her family time again. Within a few weeks, the pain in her arm resolved and she was beginning to notice significant improvements in the range of motion in her neck. Along with that, the intensity of the pain was no longer robbing her of energy and she was able to sleep through the night without waking in agony. Connie demonstrated that healing is a process and requires a commitment, but when she got the result that she wanted of being able to hold her great-grandchildren without pain, she was nothing less than happy and fulfilled. Congratulations Connie, you are an inspiration!

When I refer someone to Dr. Ryan, I feel I am really doing something wonderful for that person. I know how I have been helped, and am confident that they’ll have same results.
— Connie Fairbanks
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