Collin Cantrell

To summarize Collin’s case in one word, it would be the word; “extreme”. Collin enjoys participating in sports that push an individual’s adrenaline levels to the limits. Whether he is taking a snow-machine over a 70ft jump or riding a mountain bike down near vertical trails, Collin frequently places high demands on his body for optimal performance. Initially collin came to our office because he felt unrelenting discomfort and was in constant neck pain which frequently radiated into his shoulder and mid back. It limited his ability to turn his neck, and he frequently looked left and right by turning from his waist. For an extreme athlete, this can be dangerous to their success in future  competitions and in staying safe. Collin had sustained multiple traumas through his career and each one had compounded the damage of the previous injury. Collin was also attempting to get more involved with weight training and was feeling limited by his pain.  He felt that he was “much too young” to have the kind of issues that he possessed. The injuries made him feel less han 100%, and affected his confidence when participating in various sports. In our office he was found to have multiple subluxations (spinal misalignments) and posture distortions that impacted his overall health and his body’s ability to recover from an injury. We worked with him immediately on stabilizing his spine and then moved right into correcting it. He approached his treatments with an “all-in” attitude which proved to be very beneficial and helped him get results much faster than most. He was consistent with his treatments, rehabilitation, and home care and achieved phenomenal results in his posture and in his spinal strength and balance. Today, he can still be found on the slopes and on the mountains doing what he loves to do most. And that is what I appreciate most about Collin’s journey, he was able to use our services to amplify his life experience and maximize his potential. His range of motion is normal, his posture is significantly better, he has much less overall pain, and he can have more fun with less worry of injury. Collin’s transformation was truly significant, and it always puts a smile on my face when he shows me pictures of what he is able to do now that he couldn’t do before. Way to get your life back Collin!

I wouldn’t be where I am as an athlete without Dr. Ryan and Whole Family Chiropractic. It’s obvious that Alaska’s elite athletes all come to Whole Family Chiropractic for their care.
— Collin Cantrell
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