Chris Post

Chris was curious if we could help him with some significant health concerns that had bothered him since childhood. He came to our office after witnessing firsthand, the many benefits that his sister and nephew gained while working on their health in the clinic. When Chris' sister recovered from a signficant car accident much more quickly than she expected, she told him to "just go see if they can help" for his own concerns based on the principles that she learned in our office about true health and healing. Chris then realized that the advanced care his sister talked about receiving may be the solution that he was hoping for. Chirs was on highly toxic medications for severe migraines that altered his vision and made it impossible to work due to the accompanying nausea and pain, as well as multiple pills for a chronic inflammatory autoimmune condition affecting his digestive tract. Chris was never told that there were options outside of traditional medicine for helping with this type of dysfunction in the body. When Chris recognized the relationship between the structure of his spine and the way his body was functiuoning as a result, the choice was clear to fix the problem. He realized that his body was not deficient in medication and Chris underwent a corrective care treatment plan that directly targeted his spinal and postural misalignments to bring them back to a more structurally sound, stable, and strong position. In this way his body would be able to function at a higher level physiolgically and help him express a higher potential for his life by not having to be dependent on medications that only addressed his symptoms and not the cause of the problem. Chris worked with us on his nutritional regimen also to assist his body in the healing process from the inside-out and he experienced dramatic changes and a great outcome from the rehabilitation and therapy that included less pharmaceutical dependency. He was able to work and concentrate, he was able to play with his nephew, and he was able to participate in recreational softball without having to be sidelined by the pain that he had been accustomed to. He was eating healthier, had more enrgy, and was generally happier as his body became healthier. Chris was consistent and determined in achieving his goals, and his efforts provided him with a new understanding of the power he has in his body to overcome disease and dysfunction. Congratulations on your dramatic recovery Chris! 

Whole Family Chiropractic has greatly improved my way of life.
— Chris Post
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