Bobbi Outten

Bobbi came to our office after seeing the beneficial effects of our unique and different approach with other members of her family which included her beloved children and grandchildren. She was encouraged by her daughter to come to our office because her daughter was concerned for her health and saw how it was impacting her life. Upon examination Bobbi revealed that she suffered from years of headaches that would affect her work, home, and social life. As if it couldn’t get any worse, she then admitted that the headaches were complicated by intense vertigo and frequent numbness of her upper extremities. When the symptoms occurred she stated that the spinning of the room was as bad as some of the rides at the state fair, but she couldn’t stop it. Nausea and fatigue followed shortly after and inhibited her from doing the things that brought her joy. As the symptoms worsened and became more frequent and significant, she arrived at the point where she had begun to lose days of work and was told she would have to “live with it” as previous doctors and chiropractors were unable to find a solution to her problem. She wanted relief and she wanted an answer. But her faith was waning and she was beginning to doubt her future prospects. Upon xray and posture analysis her subluxation was discovered to be severe. So severe, that other chiropractors were not confident enough to address it. However, with the advanced training in CBP that Dr Ryan has, he is able to use multiple postural and spinal adjusting techniques to help patients like Bobbi. She needed a specific biomechanical technique applied to the are of her spine that was impacting her body’s ability to heal. Her spine had been breaking down faster than she was and immediate intervention was required. Once Bobbi felt the relief she was hoping for, she was ecstatic. To no longer have to live her life in fear that the next moment would have her spinning, dizzy and throbbing was the blessing that she had been searching for. The results that she has obtained have allowed her another opportunity to achieve what god has in store for her. All of us at Whole Family Chiropractic are so happy for her and overjoyed to be part of her health journey. Great job Bobbi!

My vertigo was addressed with one adjustment...the relief and immediate feeling that my neck had been adjusted properly, without pain, was amazing.
— Bobbi Outten
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