Bill Blydenburgh 

Bill is full of charisma and character, and has an easy-going personality that makes you feel like you have known him your whole life. He came to our clinic because he was having "some pretty bad neck pain" and "occassional headaches" at the time. As it turned out, our myotherapist had been a co-worker of Bill's in the past and when she heard about his condition, out of concern she urged him to get checked to see if it was relatd to his spine. Bill obliged, and after evaluating him, I explained that he was going to need to take the information I was telling him as a "wake-up call" for his health. His body was accelerating quickly down a road of degeneration, towards a destination of dysfunction and disease, even in some areas of his body that he wasn't even aware of. When he saw the cause of his problems, and was made aware of the direction his body was heading he became quiet in thought. Then he looked from the problem on his xrays back to me and with a burning motivation and urgncy in his eyes he simply asked, "Doc, what do I need to do and how fast can we start?". I let him know that we needed to bring his spine back to a more ideal position and that we would start today to help him begin the recovery of his health. By taking back responsibility for his health now, it would allow him the greatest chance to insure a higher quality of life for him in the future. Bill's greatest attribute actually was his spirit. He used the information we gave him, not as a reason to give-up but instead he saw it as an opportunity to  make the physcial health of his body match how he felt about who he was on the inside and what he was put on this earth to do. The last thing he wanted was to be a free-spirited individual trapped in a physcially limited body. He grabbed the reins of his health and began making changes immediately. Bill not only successfully got his pain under control and resolved using the treatments and recommendations provided in our office, he began making alterations to his nutrition and physcial fitness regimen to assist his recovery and to maintain those changes for his life. Bill is now able to not only be successful and happy, but also healthy and fulilled. He achieved significant progress in a short period of time and is able to manage his health on his terms, instead of being forced to manage crisis after crisis. Great job Bill for your success and we look forward to being a partner in your journey towards a higher quality of living! 


The personal level of care has been fantastic. I can honestly say I’ve never had a bad experience at Whole Family Chiropractic.
— Bill Blydenburgh
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