Arlene Ludwig

Arlene was urged to visit our office by a trusted friend and co-worker who had noticed her frequently grimace and grab at the back of her neck multiple times during her shift. At her evaluation, Arlene revealed that she had been barely surviving through her life with chronic headaches and neck pain for many years, and she had just begun to start to 'learn to live with it' as the thought of one day waking up without pain became more of a dream than a goal. She had been through a plethora of tests, consulted with a number of doctors, been prescribed multiple medications and had even experienced some terribly painful shots in her neck to attempt to achieve even a smidgen of relief. All of these interventions did nothing to provide her with a reason for why the headaches were happening and not one of them could produce a lasting result. The fatigue that resulted from the pain and lack of sleep weighed heavily on her and she found herself often having extreme challenges keeping herself focused at work even though she really enjoyed what she did. Then we discovered the cause of her problems, a loss of curve in the neck region of her spine.  On Xray it was blatantly seen that she had a curvature that was far less than what it should have been and it was causing her body to degenerate at an accelerated rate. It wasn't her diet. It wasn't her genetics. This subluxation and misalignment of her spine was promoting the degenerative disc disease and arthritis that was leaving her spine weak, diseased, and unstable. The amount of pressure on her spinal cord was significant, so we recommended our Corrective Care plan specific to her needs and spinal position. We knew the urgency that she was facing, and since the body responds to frequency, duration, and intensity of stimuli we had to get her spine changing quickly. She initially had so much injury and damage that it was slow-going to overcome the years of abuse that her spine had been forced to endure. Eventually, she became a motivation for other patients and her smile was a frequent feature in our office. Eventually, the hard work was worth it as her dream of waking up without pain became a reality, and she was absolutely ecstatic. She had more energy, less pain, and was sleeping and working without being bothered by her condition. We are very proud of Arlene for starting the new pain-free chapter of her life and showing the perseverance to not give up on the most important asset in your life, your health. 

I don’t have anymore headaches and it’s been heaven ever since. Dr. Ryan changed my whole life.
— Arlene Ludwig
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