Amber Litera

Amber arrived in our office as a new patient leaning hard on a walking cane as she was exhausted from limping to the office from the bus stop approximately one-half of a block away. She needed to rest immediately upon opening the door and walking through because she was experiencing some serious low back pain and leg pain that was not improving. Despite the challenges associated with battling a lifetime of issues stemming from cerebral palsy, she was now unable to do anything as comfortably as she once had. Her mid-back and low back pain were disrupting her life and making activities that were already challenging, nearly impossible. She could not sleep, walk, or get dressed without feeling a stabbing, searing pain in her spine. She was hurting and not receiving help from her previous doctors. She decided that we would be her "last hope". The examination revealed multiple areas of spinal mis-alignment associated with several postural distortions that created uneven weight distributions across her spinal joints. These mis-alignments or "subluxations" were leading to a premature physical wearing of the tissue resulting in degeneration and accelerated aging of her spine. Everything hurt, and she was having a miserable time compensating for it. As a matter of fact, her body was simply having a difficult time just keeping upright under the stress of gravity and was slowly, progressively collapsing. Unfortunately, for Amber, it was taking her health with it. When we discovered that we could help Amber through the use of Stress X-rays, we began treatment immediately. Inevitably, the results of the spinal adjustments, vibration plate exercises, and wobble chair disc therapy that was prescribed had improved her condition to the point where she no longer required the use of her cane. Additionally, her energy levels improved, breathing became easier with less shortness of breath, and her pain was non-existent. Amber responded very well, and she made one of the biggest transformations in our clinic that our staff was fortunate enough to be a part of, both physically and emotionally. I will forget the day that tears began welling up in her eyes as she held my hand and whispered "Thank you for changing my life". To this day, she is not only healthier but has been inspiring other friends and family members to make smarter, healthier choices in their lives and now she regularly advocates for healthy lifestyle changes over drugs and surgery. She knows what it takes to function at a higher level and she knows that she wants to do those things for as long as she can. Way to go Amber! 

After my first adjustment, that was the first time I had not felt any pain in 5 years...I cried. It is reassuring to know that I have people here who are not going to give up on me.
— Amber Litera
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