Adam Caposella

Adam is one of the strongest individuals i have ever met, both in character and in physical content. After taking a beating on “the slope” for years his spine and body had seen its share of rough times. However, it didn’t hold him back from his true passion, strongman competition. His training sessions included activities such as; pulling a semi truck, and thrusting a 190lb dumbbell overhead without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, his body was not as strong as he thought and it was going to make him test how much he really did enjoy his training. What he didn’t know was that the lower part of his spine was not in a strong position and unbeknownst to him, it was predisposing him to inevitable injury. Eventually his structure and his muscles failed when he needed them most. He was working out and flipping a 500lb tire, when suddenly he felt a significant sharp pain in his calf. He dropped to the ground immediately and was unable to put any weight on his leg, or perform simple movements of his foot.  He was able to be evaluated shortly after the incident and was in our office the very next day. It was discovered that there was a partial tear in his achilles tendon complicated by problems in his lower back and pelvis. He initially was moving mountains of weights but his injuries had suddenly prevented him from moving at all. He had two options; non-surgical rehabilitation or surgery. He was not a fan of the idea of getting surgery, so we utilized spinal, pelvic, and extremity adjustments and vibration plate rehabilitation to help him recover, improve his spinal structure, normalize his bio-mechanics, and reduce the possibility of re-injury. Utilizing the advanced methods of treatment that we have available in our office, we observed within a small period of time that adam was able to stand on his injured leg, and was walking on it without pain shortly after. You could also see that his hope and confidence was restored in his own ability to return to doing what he loved, his strongman training. Through it all, adam learned that the power that made the body is the same power that heals the body. Although extensive rehabilitation was still required due to the nature and extent of the injury. Adam advanced his understanding of his body and how to be healthy for a lifetime while training. He was even able to help motivate other patients and provided a great atmosphere for the staff with his positive attitude as his results continued to mount. Within months he was stable and returning to the gym to train and encourage others as their coach. Adam soon discovered he was training harder and longer than before and as a result has been able to impact the lives of others significantly in many ways as a result of not being limited any longer physically. We are all proud of adam and his inspiring comeback story. 

It means a lot that Dr. Ryan is a fellow lifter and athlete. He is my first line of defense when I get hurt. I put my name on the line to refer Dr. Ryan because be has made me a believer.
— Adam Caposella
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